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What is MedEx?

[email protected] is a community-based chronic illness rehabilitation service which offers programmes of specifically tailored physical activity classes in a supervised environment by Instructors sensitive to the needs of each group. It is a collaboration between the WIT ARENA, the WIT Department of Sport and Exercise Science, Sport and Exercise Science & the WIT Department of Nursing and Health Care. The concept of MedEx Wellness originated in Dublin City University, where a thriving programme has been operating since 2006.

The first [email protected] programme to start was the Move-On programme, specifically designed for people who have finished their cancer treatment.  We anticipate that other programmes will start in the coming months for people with peripheral arterial disease and people who have finished phase III cardiac rehabilitation.

Where and When are the [email protected] programmes on?

The 10-week Move-On exercise programme is hosted by WIT Arena in collaboration with the WIT Department of Health, Sport and Exercise Science & the Department of Nursing and Health Care. The 10-week Move On exercise programme commenced in March 2017. Please contact the WIT Arena for information on the start date for follow-on programmes.

The next MoveOn programme is set to commence on Tuesday April 10th 2018.

An exercise rehabilitation study for peripheral arterial disease is about to commence as part of [email protected]  This will be free of charge to participants. Ring Caoilte on 083-8679461 for further details.

Why choose [email protected] programmes?

These programmes will allow you to exercise in a safe, friendly and social environment. Each session is led by instructors sensitive to the relevant group”, to improve your confidence to exercise as well as increasing your overall Fitness assessments are undertaken as part of the programme.

How much do the programmes cost?

•          €90 for full programme duration

•          Includes 10 supervised exercise classes

•          Socialise with a Tea/Coffee after the class

•          Access to the Edge gym in WIT ARENA for the 10 weeks of the programme

•          FREE car parking at the WIT ARENA

•          At the end of the 10 week block, longer memberships will be available.

Booking and information

E: [email protected]

T: 051 834444

Specifically designed for people with cardiovascular disease.

Specifically designed for people who have finished their cancer treatment.