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English Major

English is available at WIT as a subject on both the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) [WD200] and the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology [WD163]. Arts students can choose to Major in English. Students on both Arts and Psychology can take English as a Minor (second or third) subject.

The English course at WIT is comparable to English degrees across Irish universities and colleges. It involves an introduction to the major writers, particularly Irish writers, and to major themes and concerns in literature across the ages. Students of English study novels, short stories, poems and plays in English from Ireland and across the world. English students get to discuss the greatest of questions through the study of Literature: What does it mean to be human? What is truth? Of what value is beauty? What is love? 

The course is also different in many respects from courses offered elsewhere. The course has an applied dimension to it that is different from other courses. Students can study creative writing, for instance, in second year. At the core of both Arts and Psychology degrees are generic modules that encourage the development of students’ writing, presentation and thinking skills, as well as—in the later years—research skills. The flexibility and creativity graduates who have undertaken this sort of training display is highly valuable to employers. 

Both the Arts and Psychology degrees expose students to a variety of subjects and the courses promote dialogue between students taking diverse options like Languages, Religious Studies, Sociology and English. This strong emphasis on the mix of subjects and disciplines is unique in courses of this type in Ireland. In taking the English course also in the South‐east, students study Literature in a context that is very different to that of their peers in other cities in Ireland. The strong literary and dramatic traditions of Waterford and the surrounding region that have produced writers like Molly Keane, John Banville and Eoin Colfer are reflected on in the course. The maritime tradition of the region is considered in some modules also, for instance. 

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Year 1
Semester 1 Semester 2
Introduction to Fiction

Poetic Forms of Language

Introduction to Anglo-Irish Literature

Introduction to Drama

Introduction to Literary Criticism & Composition

Shakespeare: Drama & Film

Critical and Creative Thinking

Introduction to Research Methods

Minor Subject 1 Module 1

Minor Subject 1 Module 2

Minor Subject 2 Module 1

Minor Subject 2 Module 2


Year 2
Semester 3 Semester 4

Shakespeare & his Contemporaries

Nineteenth Century Fiction

Poetry: 1550-1789


Literature & Society


Interdisciplinary Seminar 1

Interdisciplinary Seminar 2

Minor Subject Module 3

Minor Subject 1 Module 5

Minor Subject Module 4

Minor Subject 2 Module 6


Year 3
Semester 5 Semester 6

The Modern Novel

Critical Theory & Beyond

Modern Irish Drama


Poetry from Yeats to Lowell


Interdisciplinary Seminar 3

Interdisciplinary Seminar 4

Minor Subject Module 7

Minor Subject 1 Module 9

Minor Subject Module 8

Minor Subject 2 Module 10