International opportunities in the School of Humanities

The School of Humanities offers many exciting opportunities for learners through its global network of partner universities and multiple international research links.  

Many of our programmes offer the option to study abroad with opportunities to learn at some of the leading universities in Europe, the USA and Canada.  Overseas work placement is also available on many of our programmes offering students the option of rewarding and career enhancing opportunities to develop their skills.

Through their research, many of our academic staff are internationally engaged and through these connections many are at the cutting-edge of research in their respective fields.

Working in partnership with staff from across a broad range of subject areas in the School, we also have a long tradition of hosting a number of summer schools in a diverse range of academic areas from some of North America’s leading universities.

Our commitment to international engagement is central to our philosophy of creating a better world through educational opportunities and we greatly look forward to sharing these opportunities with you in the School of Humanities.

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Students on many of our programmes have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester of full-year as part of their studies. The following is a list of some of our partner universities. For further information please contact the programme leader.

BA (Hons) Culinary Arts

Humber College, Toronto
Centennial College, Toronto
Fanshawe College, London Ontario

Institut Paul Bocuse, Lyon
Université d’Angers, ESTHUA Tourisme et Culture

The Netherlands
Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Venlo

Northern Ireland
University of Ulster, Coleraine

Johnson and Wales University, Providence
Johnson and Wales University, Miami

BA (Hons) Arts - Social Science, Psychology, General Arts

University of Southern Denmark - Odense

The Netherlands
Hanzehogeschool Groningen
Hogeschool Utrecht, University of Applied Science

BA (Hons) Arts - French

IPAG- École Supérieure de Commerce (French, Economics)
Université de Lille 3
Université de Montpellier 3
Université de Perpignan

BA (Hons) Arts - Spanish

Universidad de Castilla La Mancha
Universidad de Huelva
Universidad de La Rioja, Logroño
Universidad de Málaga (with Psychology)
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Universidad de Valladolid
Universidad de Valencia (with Psychology)
Universidad de Zaragoza

Early Childhood Studies, Social Care and Social Science

University Colleges Leuven-Limburg
Hogeschool PXL

EvH RWL Bochum, Germany

Business and Legal Studies

Heidelberg SRH 

Staff Exchange

For staff exchange opportunities with WITs partner institutions please contact Paula Brazil, Outward Mobility Coordinator, International Office, [email protected] Tel: (051) 834168

WIT International Exchange Student Blog

Check out the international experiences of our students on the BA (Hons) Culinary Arts programme on their blog:

Erasmus Programme

For more information regarding the Erasmus Programme at WIT, please visit


"When I packed my bags for my Erasmus year in The Netherlands I had absolutely no idea what to expect as I had never even been there before and knew very little about the culture or the people. However, my experience studying at Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen turned out to be the adventure of a lifetime! Hanze University has amazing facilities and focuses strongly on international students with over 25 English taught Bachelor and Master programmes. I ended up doing two separate programmes, very foreign from English & Psychology, meaning I was immediately out of my comfort zone so I made sure to get to know my classmates ensuring we could all help each other out. Every fifth person in Groningen is a student, so the atmosphere is pretty incredible! When you arrive you automatically feel welcome amongst the thousands of other international, young, excited people roaming the streets. Thanks to my Erasmus experience I have friends from all over the world. I didn’t only gain friends for life; I gained a new language, new perspective on life and of course a new outlook on education, shaping plans for my future and without doubt bettering my present self"

Kayleigh-Ann Myle, BA (Hons)  Arts International, (English and Pyscology), 
Groningen Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht, the Netherlands


My destination of choice for my semester abroad was Johnson and Wales University in Miami, one of the best known culinary colleges in the world. The college classes were very practically based which I thoroughly enjoyed. It didn’t take me to long to settle in to life in Miami - with the good weather every day felt like a holiday even though I was still learning loads in college!

One of the great things about Miami is its diverse culture, with so many different nationalities from Central and South America it was great to experience the vibrancy that these cultures bring to this fantastic city. During my time there I was lucky enough to visit the Bahamian island of Freeport - and what an amazing place it is, a truly magical island! For any moment of free time, I was out and about, fishing or just relaxing on the beach!

You really have to make the most of your time studying abroad because it really is a once in a life time opportunity! I don’t think that you fully appreciate how great an experience you’ve had until you’re finally back at home!

Conor Nolan, BA (Hons) Culinary Arts, Johnson and Wales University, Miami, USA

Sibeal Power

"During my year in France I did all my classes through French and had the opportunity to take on French literature and history classes that she didn’t get a chance to take part in when in Ireland. I had the opportunity to experience the French culture and lifestyle and spent my time experiencing the culture, what it was like to live in France, how French people live. If I was to give any advice I would say to definitely go on Erasmus because it’s just such a fantastic opportunity that you don’t really get unless you’re in college!” After enjoying such a great experience in France, Sibeal intends to go back after her masters."

Sibeal Power BA (Hons) International – French
Universite de Montpellier 3, France


When studying on the BA (Hons) Culinary Arts programme, it is compulsory to fly the nest of WIT to study abroad. Studying overseas is such an exciting opportunity that I would now honestly recommend to everybody! My choice happened to be a 7 hour flight away in the city of Toronto at Humber College. Humber College has a large international student population and everybody is happy to help you and make you feel at right at home!

Studying abroad is much more of a life experience than just attending the classes you’ve signed up for (but it’s important to attend those too!). You get to experience new cultures, visit new destinations and make new friends. Studying and living abroad has helped me broaden my horizons and gain a new perspective on life. Canada has truly left a mark on me and I am really eager to travel and visit more of the country in the not too distant future.

Sinead O’Sullivan, BA (Hons) Culinary Arts, Humber College, Toronto, Canada

Daisy Wiggin

"When I went to the talk for the year abroad, I had no idea I’d end up going ahead with it! I was a bit nervous, as it was my first time away from home. But when I arrived in Utrecht, The Netherlands for a year, I almost forgot about Ireland! I instantly fell in love with the city, its beautiful canals and the Dom tower. The people I met made my time abroad, there were so many opportunities to meet locals or others on Erasmus, experience their culture and make great friendships. The study was easy going, assignments and exams are smaller and spread out over the semesters so it’s easy to manage. This left loads of time for travelling! Being on mainland Europe made it so much easier; I was able to visit Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, France just by getting a bus or train. I was going on a trip somewhere new every 6-8 weeks, it was brilliant. In the end, Utrecht made such an impression on me that I decided to come back and do my masters here. Just deciding to go the talk was the beginning of an adventure I’m very much still living and enjoying!"

Daisy Wiggin, BA (Hons) in Psychology Arts International
HU University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht, the Netherlands

For all non-EU student enquiries please contact Cathriona Diggins, International Admissions Administrator, International Office, [email protected]

WIT is committed to the ideals of internationalisation. The Department of Applied Arts has been to the forefront in furthering this ideal and has run Summer Programmes for International students since the year 2000.  Through this initiative, students from the US, Japan, South Korea, Mexico and Egypt have undertaken courses of study on such programmes as: ‘Irish Culture, its Social and Legal Systems’: ‘Irish Constitutionalism in Context’ and ‘The Irish Criminal Justice System in Practice’.

Under this initiative the Department of Applied Arts hosts students from the USA States of Wisconsin, Texas, New York, Florida and Georgia.  Students from Japan, South Korea, and Egypt have also participated in these programmes since their inception.  In addition, we also have assisted other Departments/Schools: - Creative & Performing Arts; Tourism and Hospitality; the School of Engineering and the School of Health Science; - in establishing dedicated Summer Programmes. Furthermore, we were instrumental in the establishment of the Georgia EU Programme: a faculty led programme, which brings 60 students, plus staff, to WIT for 6 weeks every year.

The overall aim of these undertakings is to offers students the opportunity to have an international educational experience which will enhance their understanding of the world and, in tandem, create an environment whereby WIT can engage with the wider external community. 

All the above are holistic programmes whereby the Institute provides all facilities including accommodation, transportation and tuition. In addition to the formal lecturers, students are taken to places of legal, social, cultural and historical significance, thereby ensuring that they engage in participative learning and are given the widest possible exposure to Irish life.

Current summer programmes in the School of Humanities are listed below. For further information please contact Walter O’Leary, [email protected]

Overview of Summer Programmes

Tourism & Hospitality

  • Technical Colleges of Southern Georgia - Culinary Arts
  • Johnson & Wales University


  • Technical Colleges of Southern Georgia


  • Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas
  • University of Middle Georgia

Applied Arts

  • Wisconsin Technical College
  • SUNY Oswego
  • SUNY Brockport
  • Hillsborough CC Florida
  • Lamar University - Criminal Justice/Psychology
  • Rochester Institute of Technology - Criminal Justice
  • Valdosta State University -  Honours
  • St John Fisher College


  • Valdosta State University
  • Georgia EU
  • Faros University Alexandria – Egypt