Religious Studies Major

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Religious Studies Major

"Beware of the man whose god is in the skies"  -George Bernard Shaw

While Bernard Shaw warns against placing all our hope in a distant figure in the clouds, the study of Religion and Theology at WIT focuses on how cultural values and ideas about the meaning of life and death shape our world. Through the study of world religions, theology, philosophy, ethics, and sacred texts the BA (Hons) in Religious Studies programme gives you the opportunity to explore the different ways religious beliefs form and shape our world in an interdisciplinary context.

A mixture of ideas, outlooks and interests among students and staff fosters lively debate and enables you to gain respect for others and to understand a diversity of views.

Whatever perspective you bring, our programme encourages lively intellectual reflection upon our prior assumptions and the interface between religion, theology, and culture.

Religious Studies is available as a major or minor subject on the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) WD200 or as a minor subject on the BA (Hons) in Psychology WD163 programmes.

Accreditation: The BA (Hons) with Religious Studies has been accepted by the Healthcare Chaplaincy Board as an approved degree course for those wishing to apply for certification as a Catholic Healthcare Chaplain.

For more information contact Dr Paul Clogher ([email protected]) or [email protected]

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Year 1
Semester 1 Semester 2
Introduction to Biblical Studies

The Question of God; Theology and Method

Jesus of Nazareth & the Kingdom of God

Ecclesiology & Ecumenism

Theological Anthropology

The Religion of Ancient Israel

Critical and Creative Thinking

Introduction to Research Methods

Minor Subject 1 Module 1

Minor Subject 1 Module 2

Minor Subject 2 Module 1

Minor Subject 2 Module 2


Year 2
Semester 3 Semester 4
Foundations of Ethics: Theological & Philosophical

Social Ethics

Middle Eastern Religions: Judaism & Islam

Oriental Religions: Buddhism & Hinduism

Early Christianity & its Literature

Theologies of Christ & Trinity

Interdisciplinary Seminar 1

Interdisciplinary  Seminar 2

Minor Subject Module 3

Minor Subject 1 Module 5

Minor Subject Module 4

Minor Subject 2 Module 6


Year 3
Semester 5 Semester 6

Sacred Ritual in Communities

Global & Bioethics

History of Christian Ideas & Structures

Models of Interreligious Dialogue

Dissertation 1

Dissertation 2

Interdisciplinary Seminar 3

Interdisciplinary Seminar 4

Minor Subject Module 7

Minor Subject 1 Module 9

Minor Subject Module 8

Minor Subject 2 Module 10