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Research and Postgraduate Studies

The School of Humanities offers opportunities for postgraduate study and research at the levels of Masters and Doctorate across a broad range of disciplines.

Below is a list of taught Masters (Level 9) and Higher Diploma programmes (Level 8).

PAC Code




Contact Email


WD552 MA in Social Studies FT Mr Peter Simpson [email protected]


WD590 MA in Applied Spirituality FT & PT Dr Michael O’Sullivan [email protected]


WD549 MA in Arts & Heritage Management FT & PT Ms Fionnuala Brennan [email protected]


WD595 MA in Social Justice and Public Policy PT Dr Paul Clogher [email protected]



Ard Dioploma sna hEalaiiona i Léiriu Teilifise

Higher Diploma in Arts in Television Production
FT Ms Moira Sweeney [email protected]


WD592 Higher Diploma in Arts in Early Childhood Studies, Care and Education FT & PT Ms Jacqui Quinn [email protected]


WD563 Higher Diploma in Arts in International Hotel Management FT Ms Anne Marie Lally [email protected]



The School of Humanities also offers opportunities for postgraduate study by research. Possible areas are outlined below. For further details please contact the relevant member of academic staff.

Research Centre/Group/Area

Postgraduate Contact

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Creativity and Culture

Concepts of creativity and culture in relation to cultural studies, design, film studies, Irish, literature, music, theology and philosophy

Dr Fiona Dowling

Dr Paul Clogher


[email protected]

[email protected]


18th & 20th century music, composition, contemporary Irish music, historical music resources, music  education and traditional Irish music

Dr Marian Ingoldsby

Dr Hazel Farrell

[email protected]

[email protected]

Theatre and Performance

In particular, regional (South-East) theatre and theatre practice

Dr Una Kealy

Ms Kate McCarthy

[email protected]

[email protected]


Organisational, Developmental, Forensic or Social Psychology

Dr Jacinta Byrne-Doran

Dr Fiona Nutty

Dr Jennifer O’Mahoney

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


Criminal Law, Family Law, Criminology

Dr Niamh Maguire

Dr Sinead Conneely

[email protected]

[email protected]

Design and Social Innovation – DASI

Design for society – social and business organisations, branding and identity, visual communications, digital media, infographics

Dr Cordula Hansen

Dr Aine Furlong

[email protected]

[email protected]

Further details of research groups are also available on:

If there is an area of study in which you are interested which is not listed above or if you have any general enquiries about research opportunities in the School of Humanities, please contact the relevant Head of Department.

Department of Applied Arts
Head of Department: Dr. Michael Bergin, [email protected]

Department of Creative & Performing Arts
Head of Department: Marian O'Neill, [email protected]

Department of Languages, Tourism & Hospitality
Head of Department: Ray Cullen, [email protected]

Academic enrollment

Applications for taught postgraduate programmes are via the Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC)

For details about academic enrollment on research programmes please follow the link:

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Name: Pilar Luz Rodrigues

Programme: PhD (Level 10)

Research project title: Social and Economic Policy and Irish Work Practices: Examining the Influence of Policy on Migrant Workers in Ireland.

Brief description of project:

My project aims to investigate the experiences of migrant workers holding precarious jobs in Ireland. The focus is on how government policy and market forces shape their working lives. The objectives of this project are to determine what factors most significantly shape the working conditions, the behavior and the subjectivity of these precarious workers. Also, the project seeks to understand the day to day experiences of precarious migrant workers as they are exposed to ‘market forces’ and must react accordingly. The project will rely on qualitative research based on interviews as primary means of investigation, and will seek to understand the lived experiences, of such migrant workers. Ultimately, this study seeks to contribute to understanding how policies can be improved to make work for migrants in Ireland more sustainable in the future. The intention is to contribute constructively to national and international debates on the treatment of migrants as precarious workers.

Supervisor: Dr Tom Boland

Co-Supervisor: Dr James Cuffe

Paul O'Dwyer

Name: Paul O'Dwyer

Programme: Masters by research (Level 9)

Research Project Title: Institutional Racism in the Irish Workplace

Project Description: racism is a hot-button topic for discussion any time, and in general we can see when something or someone is being racist. However, what is more sinister is the covert version known as institutional racism. This project is focusing on investigating the occurrence of institutional racism within the Irish workplace. To do this, a two-stage approach is being employed; a detailed content analysis of decision reports from the Workplace Relations Commission going back 15 years, and interviews with professionals from the legal industry and Commission itself. It is hoped that the common causes of institutional racism can be discovered and examined, thus making a contribution to an under-researched subject in Irish society.

This project was previously presented at the HEA/Irish Independent Making an Impact 2016 and was voted as one of two winners at the final which took place at The Helix, DCU.

Supervisors: Mr Jonathan Culleton, Dr Jennifer O’Mahoney