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Sociology Major

Sociology is available at WIT as a subject on the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) [WD200] and the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology [WD163]. Arts students can choose to Major in Sociology. Students on both Arts and Psychology can take Sociology as a Minor subject.

Sociology is the study of the society around us; it recognises that there are patterns and regularities to society, that common beliefs and attitudes shape our sense of who we are, and that therefore, we must look beyond individual choices and circumstances to understand the world. Sociologists can study almost anything, from capitalism to celebrity culture, national identity to the internet. 

The truth about our world is not simply a matter of opinion; sociologists formulate a hypothesis about society and investigate it rigorously. They can use statistics or surveys to measure widespread changes. They use in‐depth interviews and focus groups to analyse people’s beliefs. Through participant observation they document actual behaviour. Sociologists study documents from history, the media and popular culture to understand the world around them.

How modern society is governed and organised is strongly influenced by sociology and related disciplines. For example, the CSO and the ESRI use sociological methods. Sociological theories are used by political parties, managers and even advertisers! Graduates in Sociology are highly valued in all sorts of areas, from journalism, the civil service and companies which value clear thinking and a hands‐on research approach.

Sociology at WIT is made up of core sociological modules on theory and method – which provide the students with a theoretical grounding and a familiarity with applied research skills – and detailed study on topics such as Media, Crime, Sport, Ethnicity and so forth which broaden students’ horizons and introduce them to new perspectives. In their final year, students design their own research project on a topic of their own choosing, in close collaboration with a supervisor. This independent study is deeply enriching for students and no longer available in Sociology degrees at most Irish universities. Our students have also worked alongside staff in collaborative research projects on unemployment and festivals, which makes Sociology at WIT a unique opportunity to get involved in real applied research.

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Year 1
Semester 1 Semester 2

Introduction to Sociological Problems

The Sociology of Contemporary Ireland

The Sociology of Sport

Ireland & Ethnic Minorities

Irish Society & the Media

The Sociology of Deviance

Critical and Creative Thinking

Introduction to Research Methods

Minor Subject 1 Module 1

Minor Subject 1 Module 2

Minor Subject 2 Module 1

Minor Subject 2 Module 2


Year 2
Semester 3 Semester 4

Northern Ireland: Society & Conflict

Sociological Research



Understanding Sociological Perspectives

Modern Social Theory

Interdisciplinary Seminar 1

Interdisciplinary  Seminar 2

Minor Subject Module 3

Minor Subject 1 Module 5

Minor Subject Module 4

Minor Subject 2 Module 6


Year 3
Semester 5 Semester 6

Sociology of Gender


Literature, Identities, & Belonging

The Sociology of Mind

Dissertation 1

Dissertation 2

Interdisciplinary Seminar 3

Interdisciplinary Seminar 4

Minor Subject Module 7

Minor Subject 1 Module 9

Minor Subject Module 8

Minor Subject 2 Module 10