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Spanish Major

Speaking Spanish opens up a world rich in art, culture, literature, music, sports, film much more. Spoken in Spain, most of Latin America and increasingly in the USA, Spanish is a global language with over 400 million speakers worldwide and is fast becoming a major language in the world of business. 

Spanish is available at WIT as a subject on both the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) [WD200] and the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology [WD163]. Arts students can choose to Major in Spanish. Students on both Arts and Psychology can take Irish as a Minor (second or third) subject.

In WIT, we currently offer ab initio or beginner’s Spanish, therefore no previous study of the language is necessary. At the end of 1st Year, all students, Major and Minor, will have a basic knowledge of Spanish, allowing you to confidently “get by” in any of the over 20 countries worldwide that speak Spanish. As a Spanish Major, you will have more contact with the language, as well as two introductory courses related to Hispanic history, literature and society. 

If you choose to continue Spanish throughout your degree, as either a Major or Minor, you will explore the diversity of the Spanish‐speaking world by further developing your language skills and familiarising yourself with the literature and culture of Hispanic societies through a range of media. As a Major student, you will take an intensive language programme that allows you reach the criteria set out under the Teaching Council guidelines comparable to other Spanish degrees across the country.

Spanish is a living language and a language to live; we engage with real world experiences and develop skills that encourage communication. Language graduates are recognised as having a creative and flexible approach to problem‐solving; such attributes are increasingly in demand by employers. 

In WIT, you can link with our international students to practice speaking Spanish and ideally, travel to one of our partner colleges by opting in to the BA (Hons) International after your second year. This extends your degree by one year and allows you the opportunity to study as an ERASMUS student in Spain; immersing yourself in Spanish, enriching your studies and further enhancing your employability.

For more information contact Erin McNamara-Cullen ([email protected]) or [email protected].  

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Year 1
Semester 1 Semester 2

Spanish A1                              

Spanish A2

Spain’s History & Society         

Latin American Literature & Culture: An Introduction

Language Learning Skills

Spanish Language: Reading & Writing

Critical and Creative Thinking

Introduction to Research Methods

Minor Subject 1 Module 1

Minor Subject 1 Module 2

Minor Subject 2 Module 1

Minor Subject 2 Module 2


Year 2
Semester 3 Semester 4

Spanish B1.1

Spanish B1.3

Spanish B1.2

Spanish B1.4

Hispanic Identities

Trends in Spanish Literature

Interdisciplinary Seminar 1

Interdisciplinary Seminar 2

Minor Subject Module 3

Minor Subject 1 Module 5

Minor Subject Module 4

Minor Subject 2 Module 6


Year 3
Semester 5 Semester 6

Spanish B2.1

Spanish B2.3

Spanish B2.2

Spanish C1.1

Mexican Literature & Culture

Representations of Spain

Interdisciplinary Seminar 3

Interdisciplinary Seminar 4

Minor Subject Module 7

Minor Subject 1 Module 9

Minor Subject Module 8

Minor Subject 2 Module 10