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Theatre Studies Major

Theatre Studies is available as a major or minor subject on the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) [WD200]

This is the first course of this kind in the South‐East and is unique to WIT. The course will introduce students to the practice and performance of theatre as well as to the academic study of the area.  Students will study major plays from Ireland and abroad but also will have the opportunity to participate in workshops where they can act, direct, and produce their own work as well as the work of major playwrights. The emphasis in the course is on practical application and the course will offer to students the opportunity to work within a “studio” environment. The course builds on strong partnerships with local and regional theatre groups who have all lent their support to the development. 

There is a strong emphasis in the Major programme on theatre in performance and on practical theatre workshops. The Major programme is founded on the study of two major plays, The Cherry Orchard and The Playboy of the Western World, with the emphasis on developing a critical understanding of both plays and examining the performance challenges. The modules will be entirely delivered in a studio environment. First year students also study the Irish national theatre and a selection of important plays from around the world. 

In second and third year students continue to be exposed to performance‐related questions through a consideration of performance aspects of selected plays by Shakespeare and of site‐specific theatre and, in the final year, by develop a text for performance and producing that play.  There will also be modules on theatre theory, history and on the theatre as an industry. A module on the theatre of the South‐East is also offered in the final year. The emphasis throughout is on exposing students to the widest possible range of current and recent work in performance; site visits to theatres and productions will be a vital part of the programme. 

Students of Theatre Studies also take other subjects as part of their degree. This exposes students to other disciplines and ways of thinking and there is a strong emphasis in WIT on encouraging dialogue between subject areas. Students also take a number of important modules in critical and creative thinking and research skills. The kinds of skills developed through these types of modules in particular form the foundation for future years and are highly valued by employers. 

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Year 1
Semester 1 Semester 2

Introduction to Theatre 1                                          

Introduction to Theatre 2

Plays that Changed the World

Irish National Theatre

Critical and Creative Thinking

Introduction to Research Methods

Minor Subject 1 Module 1

Minor Subject 1 Module 2

Minor Subject 2 Module 1

Minor Subject 2 Module 2


Year 2
Semester 3 Semester 4

Creating the Theatrical Text 1

Creating the Theatrical Text 2

Performing Theory

Resourcing Theatre

Brecht, Artaud, Stanislavski

Lyrical Theatre

Interdisciplinary Seminar 1

Interdisciplinary  Seminar 2

Minor Subject Module 3

Minor Subject 1 Module 5

Minor Subject Module 4

Minor Subject 2 Module 6


Year 3
Semester 5 Semester 6

Creating the Theatrical  Text 3

Creating the Theatrical Text 4



Professional Development for Theatre Practitioners

Modern Drama

Interdisciplinary Seminar 3

Interdisciplinary Seminar 4

Minor Subject Module 7

Minor Subject 1 Module 9

Minor Subject Module 8

Minor Subject 2 Module 10