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Agricultural Science

Agricultural ScienceAgriculture

Agricultural Science is the application of science and other disciplines (e.g. business) to the production of quality food. It encompasses a wide range of services provided to farmers and other food producers to ensure quality standards and profitable production systems.

Agricultural scientists investigate plants, animals and soils in order to research and eventually improve the quality of food, farming and the environment. You will learn how to use biology and technology to maximise crop and animal production to meet economic targets and achieve environmental objectives. You will also gain a thorough grounding in farm and business management to ensure that your practical knowledge is matched by commercial understanding.

In addition our degrees are supported by an extensive programme of visits to regional farms, agricultural businesses, enterprises and organisations and you will also be able to combine practical career-orientated science with business and management skills.  Practical skills are integral and our programmes include time spent in Teagasc Kildalton as well as farm/industrial placements in Ireland, Australia, USA and New Zealand.

If you wish to specialise in this subject area then you should consider the following programmes: