Chemistry is the science that shapes the world we will live in tomorrow. It has the potential to have the most direct and dramatic impact on our lives. Chemists design, synthesise, analyse and study molecules that are the building blocks of everything from materials to medicines. Central to modern chemistry is the quest to make new molecules as efficiently and conveniently as possible, with minimum impact on the environment.

Chemistry is a core science subject that touches almost every aspect of our daily lives, and will become increasingly important in our future knowledge-based society. Chemists develop life-saving drugs, polymers, pest-control agents and catalysts that can enhance our quality of life beyond measure. The pharmaceutical and medical device sectors have significant employment opportunities in the areas of Quality, Research and Development, Analytical testing, New Product Development, among others. There are also opportunities for a teaching career with additional qualifications. 

If you wish to specialise in this subject area then you should consider the following programmes: