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Computer Forensics & Security

Computer Forensics & Security             m_forencs

The Computer Forensics and Security subject area will develop a strong underlying knowledge of how data, storage and communications work down to bit level. 


If you wish to specialise in this subject area then you should consider the following programme(s):

Graduates are aware of the value of data in storage and in transit and the need for security. When reconstructing what has happened on a digital device, they are able to adapt to the use of new tools to aid in their analysis.

They explore issues relating to system and network security as well as ethical hacking techniques for penetration testing. Students will learn how to respond to a suspicious incident and the importance their actions can have. They will also learn how to collect and examine network data for types of evidence as well as to generate statistical, session and alert information.

Being a strong programmer helps with skills such as secure software development and reverse engineering. Modules in law and business help prepare the graduate for working a range of roles that they may pursue as a career. 


pdf-icon  Applied Cryptography
pdf-icon Digital Forenscis
pdf-icon File Systems Forensics 
pdf-icon Forensic Accounting & Fraud Audit 
pdf-icon Introduction to Computer Security
pdf-icon Introduction to Security & Forensics 
pdf-iconLegal Principles of Computer Forensics 
pdf-icon Secure Programming and Scripting 


pdf-icon Network Forensics 
pdf-icon Security Essentials


pdf-icon Application Security
pdf-icon Computer Forensics
pdf-icon Computer Security
pdf-icon Computer Security and Forensics
pdf-icon  Criminal Evidence 
pdf-icon  Device Forensics 
pdf-icon  Network & System Security 
pdf-icon  Online Forensics 
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