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Department of Science

Department of Science

The Department of Science at Waterford Institute of Technology has a well established record for offering students up to date and relevant programmes of study. These programmes lead to opportunities and careers in regional and national industries or in research.

Our undergraduate programmes are offered over a range of discipline areas such as Agricultural Science, Food Science, Molecular Biology, Pharmaceutical Science, Physics, Horticulture and Forestry.

The development and delivery of these programmes is done in conjunction with our external partners which includes Teagasc, the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and the Agri/Food industries in the region and nationally.

Professional developments, Work Placement, Internationalisation are key areas which the staff in the Department of Science works on with our students. 

The Department of Science has a proven track record in research activities across a wide range of disciplines.

The Department of Science offers opportunities for students to study up to Masters and Doctorate level.

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