Digital Graphic Design and Animation

scienceDigital Graphic Design and Animation

Digital Graphic Design and Animation

Digital Graphic Design and Animation digital_cs

The Graphic Design modules provide students with the skillset for generating ideas, communicating with an audience and the composition of content. The proposed suite of modules enhance students’ visual awareness to produce aesthetically pleasing content.


If you wish to specialise in this subject area then you should consider the following programme(s):

The Animation modules enable students to play a key role across a wide range of industries from Film, TV, Games and the Internet, to the Corporate advertising, Engineering and Construction domains.

Both Graphic Design and Animation have become highly technical, increasingly dominated by advanced technologies and software tools. They demand a unique cross–disciplinary delivery approach involving both creative and computing skillsets.

Industry-standard software such as the Autodesk suite and Adobe Creative Cloud suite are integral to the delivery of these modules.


pdf-icon  2D Animation 
pdf-icon 3D Modelling Fundamentals 
pdf-con Digital Imaging 
pdf-icon Graphic Design 1 
pdf-icon Graphic Design 2 
pdf-icon User Experience Design 


pdf-icon  3D Animation Practice 
pdf-icon  Digital Graphic Design
pdf-icon  Web Design and Development


pdf-icon  3D Animation and Transmedia
pdf-icon  3D Lighting and Rendering 
pdf-icon  Advanced Graphic Design 


pdf-icon  User Experience and Design
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