Information Systems and Modelling

scienceInformation Systems and Modelling

Information Systems and Modelling

Information Systems and Modelling   m_modeling

The graduate will be capable of designing reliable quality software by utilizing the different models and activities of modern software engineering standards. 


If you wish to specialise in this subject area then you should consider the following programme(s):

 The graduate would be familiar with the integrated toolchain to automate and accelerate the various stages of the agile process from source control to delivery.

They will have an in–depth knowledge of the various different business functions, the organisational information systems and their interconnections. The graduate will extend their knowledge to the planning and project management techniques used to schedule and control the software development process, including the identification and applying of appropriate validation and verification methods. They will appreciate the challenges associated with developing and managing information systems, and techniques that can be used to overcome some of these challenges. The graduate will have an appreciation of how enterprise systems and supply chain systems support the organization and the effects of digital transformation in business processes.


pdf-icon  Business Information Systems and Processes
pdf-icon  Introduction to Software Engineering 
pdf-icon  Software Engineering Practice 
pdf-icon  Systems Analysis Design & Testing 


pdf-icon  Digital Transformation of Information Systems 
pdf-icon  Enterprise Data Exchange & XML 
pdf-icon  Software Engineering 


pdf-icon  Agile Software Practice
pdf-icon  Enterprise Applications 
pdf-icon  Enterprise Systems Architecture  
pdf-icon  IT Operations Management 
pdf-icon  Knowledge Systems Engineering 
pdf-icon  Project Management 
pdf-icon  Software Validation and Evolution 

Post Graduate

pdf-icon  Business Process Analysis and Design
pdf-icon Human Centred Systems
pdf-icon Information Systems and International Development
pdf-icon Information Systems Project Management
pdf-icon  Supply Chain Integration Technologies
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