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Mathematics and Physics

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The mathematics and statistics modules provide a solid foundation in the mathematical concepts and techniques needed to tackle problems related to computing and information sciences in both two and three dimensions.

This foundational skillset will ideally position the graduate with problem solving strategies required to develop challenging solutions in a computing environment.

There is a strong emphasis on the investigation of the concepts using mathematical software. Python is used for interactive computing both to re–inforce mathematical concepts, to study problems that are too large to solve by hand and to make real the connection between mathematics and programming. In later years R is used for statistical analysis. Applications of topics will be presented in a computing context where appropriate which will enable students to cultivate their problem solving capabilities.


pdf-icon  Applied Calculus
pdf-icon  Discrete Mathematics 
pdf-icon  Mathematical Methods
pdf-icon  Mathematics for Graphics and Statistics
pdf-icon  Mathematics for Problem Solving 
pdf-icon  Mathematics Fundamentals 
pdf-icon  Physics 1 
pdf-icon  Physics 2 
pdf-icon  Statistical Analysis 
pdf-icon  Statistics and Probability 


pdf-icon Further Statistics
pdf-icon Network Theory 
pdf-icon Network Theory Fundamentals 


pdf-icon Data Visualisation

Post Graduate

pdf-icon Graph Theory and Optimisation
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