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Media Production and Development

Media Production and Development   media_cs

Humans interact with computer systems and media through a variety of means—web, mobile apps, desktop, etc. Information is often presented through non– textual forms—such as video and audio.


If you wish to specialise in this subject area then you should consider the following programme(s):

BSc (Hons) in Applied Computing:

This strand recognises that form is functionality and is concerned with presenting information in an efficient and pleasing manner for humans to consume. An increasing number of IT professionals must be competent in areas of design and media.

This means having a working knowledge of audio/visual creation, editing and manipulation tools; a strong sense of User Experience and literacy with current design trends. Finally, the professional must be able to apply the digital media knowledge back to general computing. This suite of modules is geared towards students who wish to specialise in user–centric development.

This stream uses industry–standard media tools for content creation and manipulation such as Garage Band, Logic, iMovie and the Adobe suite. From a programming perspective Software Development Kits (SDK) and frameworks are used that are compatible with scripting languages such as Javascript and other high–level languages.

BSc (Hons) in Creative Computing:

This stream is designed to introduce students to the development and integrated nature of the expanding digital media and e–learning sector. Students are exposed to the interdisciplinary production pipeline process, which incorporates pre–production, production and post–production phases. The process for realizing preproduction concepts as multimedia assets is extensively examined.

Students explore and acquire the theoretical and practical skillset for the production of broadcast quality video and audio materials. Final editing and effects in a post-production environment are examined and implemented. Industry-standard software such as the Adobe Creative Cloud suite are integral to the delivery of these modules.


pdf-icon  Audio Visual 1 
pdf-icon  Introduction to Creative Media 
pdf-icon  Introduction to Media Development 
pdf-icon Introduction to Radio Broadcasting and Presenting
pdf-icon  Narrative Construction 
pdf-icon  Pipeline Design Concepts 
pdf-icon  Video Production 


pdf-icon Audio Production 
pdf-icon Audio Visual 2 
pdf-icon Content Production 
pdf-icon Digital Media Programming 


pdf-icon  Advanced Media Production 
pdf-icon Digital Photography 
pdf-icon eLearning
pdf-icon Emerging Media Technologies 
pdf-icon  Instructional Design 
pdf-icon Media Tools and Integration 
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