Professional Skills and Placement

scienceProfessional Skills and Placement

Professional Skills and Placement

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Computing students need to be able to communicate effectively at all levels within any organization.

The Professional Skills cluster of modules provides students with a structured, practical and meaningful way to develop written, oral and presentation skills. After completing the Professional Skills suite of modules, computing students will be able to write reports, develop technical documents and deliver technical demonstrations to audiences in both Academic and Business Environments.

All students have the opportunity to undertake a period of Work Placement for a semester in the third year of their degree, allowing them to put into practice the academic theory which they learned in the years prior to the placement semester. As well as learning new knowledge and skills in industry, they gain valuable insights into working life which helps them to make informed career decisions later. It also helps to develop their curriculum vitae, enhances their employability and kickstarts the creation of a network of potential contacts for their future career, following graduation.

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pdf-icon  Computing Ethics 
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pdf-icon  Industrial Placement 
pdf-icon  Job Readiness 
pdf-icon  Learning Portfolio- Flexible Semester 
pdf-icon  Professional Certification 
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pdf-icon  Project 
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pdf-icon  Project and Change Management 
pdf-icon  Study Abroad 
pdf-icon  The Computer Industry 
pdf-icon  Voluntary Organisation Project 
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