Tech & ICT Industry Day 2017

scienceTech & ICT Industry Day 2017

Tech & ICT Industry Day 2017

Did you know technology in the South East is the world’s best kept secret!

There is a fast growing, dynamic, creative and entrepreneurial technology industry on our doorstep with over 40 companies, employing 1500+ employees with fantastic careers in the technology, ecommerce and software development sectors.

The 40+ Technology Companies in the South East are working together as the Crystal Valley Tech group to engage with second and third level students in the region to let them know about the exciting and rewarding careers available in software and technology in the South East.

Crystal Valley Tech and Waterford Institute of Technology are hosting the inaugural “Showcasing South East Tech” event at the WIT Arena on Thursday, 9 November 2017 where students can find out all they need to know about this dynamic and growing sector.

The event will consist of company exhibitors, technology demonstrations and industry speakers and there will also be some goodies up for grabs. 

Company Exhibition

Date: Thursday, 9 November 2017
Time: 9.00am – 1.00pm
Location: Studio 1
Details: More than 40 tech and ICT companies from across the region will be exhibiting all morning from 9.00am until 1.00pm.

Time Speaker Company Topic  
9.00 James Mernin Red Hat Life at Red Hat in Waterford  
9.15 Barry Downes Suir Valley Ventures Day in the life of a VC  
9.30 Dr. Alan Davy TSSG TSSG   
9.45 Donna Tilson SunLife What WIT can do for you  
10.00 Mick O'Brien Routematch Born, Bred, Educated & returned for Success in CVT Region  
10.15 Steven Davy  Liquidedge What Liquidedge do for businesses  
10.30 Adrian Mullet Bank of Ireland What BOI are doing for startups  
10.45 Dataworks Dataworks What datawork are all about.   
11.00 President Willie Donnelly WIT Overview of Tech in Waterford  
11.15 Claire Kelly  SE2 Women in Technology  
11.30 Richard Roger Metsitaba How to do a start up  
11.45 Dave Whelan Immersive VR Technology Moonlanding & Titanic journeys  
12.00 Chris Chedgey Structure 101 Our Journey  
12.15 Seamus Morris MIT Education Solutions  Our Admissions Management System  
12.30 Rob Leslie Sedicii What our company does  
12.45 VHI  VHI  VHI   

Companies involved

More than 30 companies and organisations will be taking part in the day and providing information on career pathways, technologies and innovations at stands in the exhibition area.

Bluefin Payment Systems Routematch
Sunlife Redhat
Waterford Technologies Immersive VR Education
SE2 Dataworks
CGM Kyckr
TSSG Sedicii
Stitcherads LiquidEdge
FourTheorem Distilledsch
Metsitaba Errigal
Structure 101 Suir Valley
The Packaging Hub VHI
WIT MIT Education Solutions
Fundrecs Scurri
Eishtec Tucr
Servisbot Spearline
Tech Mahindra Jumptech
110% Aphex
HCS Business Solutions Agora Publishing
CipherTechs EU  


Support Agencies

The event is being supported in amy and multiple ways by agencies and companies across the region.

IDA Enterprise Ireland
New Frontiers Waterford Chamber of Commerce
Bank of Ireland CPL