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the SuRE project

The SuRE Project:


Sustaining Resilience in Employment

Investigating Work-Related Stress and Enhancing Resilience in Older Health and Social Workers through an Online Platform.

Work-related stress is a significant and growing risk to the older workforce. This is particularly true for workers in the health and social care sectors in Ireland, who are also faced with demands and stressors specific to their own sphere and which may not be experienced by workers in other areas of the workforce (Ryan, Bergin & Wells, 2017; Wells & White, 2014). These workers also tend to have limited access to resources to manage their work-related stress and enhance their psychological well-being (Denny et al. 2011).

The SuRE project investigates the issue of enhancing resilience amongst older health and social care workers, and adapts and evaluates an online intervention relating to work-related stress which is tailored to the specific needs of this group. It will explore issues relating to sustained engagement and use of online health-related platforms, and survey and analyse data at a regional level that profiles the psychological and physical manifestations of work-related stress in the health and social care sectors in the South-East of Ireland.

The SuRE project builds upon two previous E.U. funded studies, both led by Waterford Institute of Technology. The first, the ROSE project (Reducing Occupational Stress in Employment), led to the development of an easy access psycho-social online programme for all health and social care workers to manage their work-related stress. The second, DELAROSE (Delivering E Learning Accreditation to Reduce Occupational Stress), established ROSE as an accredited online learning programme for health and social care workers (the ‘Certificate in the Management in Work-Related Stress’).

SuRE adapts this programme to ensure it targets stressors unique to older health and social care workers and support their resilience in the workplace. The project is conducted by researchers from the School of Health Sciences, Waterford Institute of Technology

  • Mr Cathal Ryan
  • Dr Michael Bergin
  • Professor John Wells

SuRE is guided by a Scientific Advisory Committee that includes Professor Trudie Chalder, Dept of Psychological Medicine (Kings College London); Prof Glenn Robert, Nursing Research Unit (Kings College London); Mr Mark White (HSE) and Ms Jillian Sexton (NFVB).  

For more information please contact:

Cathal Ryan

School of Health Sciences

Waterford Institute of Technology

[email protected]


Selected Publications:

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  • Mazza, R., Kunz, S., Ryan, C., & Wells, J.S.G. (2016) DELAROSE - E-learning Accreditation to Reduce Occupational Stress in Employment Italian Journal of Educational Technology (IJET)